Friday, 12 December 2014

Oops... Mistakes!

Sometimes in our room we make mistakes. You might like to work these out...

edge caters
on sweet
an S.A

Well did you guess wright, write, right?

edge caters = educators
on sweet = en suite
an S.A. = an essay
per tickler = particular
youseful =useful

by Aoibheann Keoghan 4th class, owner of edge caters & youseful!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

More about living with disabilities in Ireland today.

Living with a disability in Ireland today.

Do you think disabled people should have the same opportunities as able people?

There is plenty of disabled people in the world, they should be treated the same, don't you think?!

A human is a human, THE world shouldn't be split in half just because something's wrong with you!

just because people CAN’T afford the technology to make them walk, that doesn’t mean they should be thrown in the bin with rubbish!

Don’t just love disabled people that are good at something, if YOU’RE going to love the one, you have to love them all!

some can't walk, some can't talk. some CAN’T do either. but we should value them for what they can do and all that they can offer.
we should be GRateful for all we can do too.

By Lorcan Keoghan, 6th class   

Living with a disability in Ireland today

Living with a disability in Ireland today

In class today we had a long and  mature discussion about people who have a disability. Afterwards we typed a thought board on the subject. Here are my thoughts....

There are people all around the world in wheelchairs and homes, but why should they be treated any different from me or you?

Around 15% of people in the world are disabled, that’s about 1 billion people. This figure is increasing due to population growth.

There are about 600,000 disabled people in Ireland alone, that is 13% of the population.

Why don’t disabled people have the same education opportunities as able bodied people?

How can we treat disabled people on the same level as us?

The way that we treat disabled people or people less fortunate than us represents us and who we are.

If people don’t stand up and help disabled people, who will?

By Evan Clarke 6th class 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Hallelujah 14

This year our school took part in the Hallelujah Concert at City West Convention Centre on 3 December.

We thought the Hallelujah Concert was brilliant.  We liked the singers and dancers. We liked the way we got to meet HOME-TOWN. The other schools were very friendly. 

There was an 11 year old girl singing and she was really good. There was a boy singer there as well, his name was TABBY. And there was a group of dancers called THE BILLY BARRY DANCERS. They were great and very colourful too. 

The food was amazing! There were crepes, sweets and hot chocolate and much more. The chairs were comfy enough and there was enough room for our feet - not much arm room but we survived! Anyway it wasn't about that, it was about having fun and enjoying our selves - and we did. 

By Katie Cottrell &  Georgia Dennehy, 4th class