Monday, 26 January 2015

Through the Eyes of a Slave Girl

We have recently read an extract from Clotee: Diary of a Slave Girl. She's learning to read and write secretly. Whenever she thinks of a word she sees it in pictures. I did this exercise in response to the extract...

Whenever I think of the word b-o-o-k-s , I see books in the library in the big house. Rows and rows of leather books just standing there being wasted. I imagine me reading all of them. One day I will.

Whenever I write the word t-e-a-c-h-e-r, I think of me sitting at the top of the class writing long stories about whatever I was thinking. One day I will have the freedom to write whatever's in my mind on a sheet of paper.

Whenever I think of the word h-o-u-s-e I think of me living in a big house with a family and repeat the same thing every day. I make dinner, play with the kids and read my book.

By Jack Cottrell 6th class.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Frightened of the World

Hi I'm Sophie I wrote this piece because I think that this is how somebody would feel if they had just arrived at a refugee camp with everything that's happening in Syria. Or maybe any refugee from anywhere might feel like this...

Here it is:
June 3rd 
I have arrived at the refugee camp. I don't like it here. I don't like the world without my parents. My brother Nelson is here as well. He hasn't said anything since mum and dad died. He doesn't eat. He cries at night, every night. I miss him - his jokes, his curiosity - it's all gone.The other children are OK. I haven't made any friends yet. The adults are nice but none can compare to how my mum's soft voice made me confident or happy and how my dad made me feel safe.

I feel very alone now, more alone than ever. I have nightmares every night. About them coming. I saw one - he nearly shot me. I just got out of the way. He then killed my mother and father right in front of Nelson and me. All the girls here are in different friend groups. The boys just play football. Nelson used to be great but now he just stays with me. When we were going over to Lebanon he never stopped holding my hand. It made me frightened. Frightened he'd never be the same.

By Sophie Brosnan, 5th class

Monday, 12 January 2015

Expressing Yourself

We recently had a discussion on how we can express ourselves. I came up with all of these ways...

  • By your face and facial expressions.
  • By your voice. 
  • By your family.
  • By your sports.
  • By your hobbies. 
  • By your relations.
  • By your religion/beliefs.
  • By your looks.
  • By your tattoos.
  • By your quietness.
  • By your deceased relations.
  • By biting your nails.
  • By how you eat.
  • By forgetting your words.
  • By your attitude.
  • By your writing.
  • By your thinking how you do stuff.
  • By your music-type of choice.
  • By your favourite colors.
  • By your laziness.
  • By making money.
  • By your shyness.
  • By your awareness.
  • By your clothing.
  • By your toughness. 
by Seán Keoghan, 5th class