Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Importance of Saying 'NO'


In our lives the word “No” is regularly used. It is very important. It is a simple word but it helps us not to bow to peer-pressure. If necessary there is no guilt in saying ‘no.’ but in moderation it helps us; saying no to everything can hinder us in our lives. Sometimes people suggest the right things for us even when we might not think it. But no is still very necessary in our day-to-day lives.
It can help us keep out of the involvement with drugs, crime, peer pressure or even personal things. One simple word of no could keep somebody’s life on track; something small can turn into something big and could possibly change somebody’s life but the simple word “No” could change all that. Saying no is the best self care.

By David King, 6th class

Monday, 7 September 2015

Balicki's Diary 15 January 1945

We've just read an extract from Ian Serraillier's 'The Escape'. Joseph Balicki is a Polish teacher who has been imprisoned by the Nazis in a P.O.W. camp for having turned a photo of Hitler around to face the wall during prayer time in his class. The story takes place during WW II.

This is a diary extract for Joseph written by Luke Byrne Kelly, 4th class.

Dear Diary,

6th day in prison.Hard. Morning fine - just a few scratches wiped away.But it is hard.Prison is not easy.I miss my kids and darling wife - on my mind always.A few of the lads are also Poles.I have guards watching me. Escape plans are in place.Kevin, David and a few more men are escaping with me. The officers don't know I have this. I was forced to burn my photos beside the grave of a once great man who has risen a curse.The pain of fear. Guns loaded.I will get out. I promise.If I don't, I lived a good life. The curse has struck into the heart of 12 men.This is a wrong that must be righted.