Monday, 7 September 2015

Balicki's Diary 15 January 1945

We've just read an extract from Ian Serraillier's 'The Escape'. Joseph Balicki is a Polish teacher who has been imprisoned by the Nazis in a P.O.W. camp for having turned a photo of Hitler around to face the wall during prayer time in his class. The story takes place during WW II.

This is a diary extract for Joseph written by Luke Byrne Kelly, 4th class.

Dear Diary,

6th day in prison.Hard. Morning fine - just a few scratches wiped away.But it is hard.Prison is not easy.I miss my kids and darling wife - on my mind always.A few of the lads are also Poles.I have guards watching me. Escape plans are in place.Kevin, David and a few more men are escaping with me. The officers don't know I have this. I was forced to burn my photos beside the grave of a once great man who has risen a curse.The pain of fear. Guns loaded.I will get out. I promise.If I don't, I lived a good life. The curse has struck into the heart of 12 men.This is a wrong that must be righted. 

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