Monday, 23 March 2015

My Left Foot

Recently we watched "My Left Foot". It is a very good movie. After we watched it we had to make an interview for Ma' Brown. Here is my interview. (I played the part of Ma Brown in class with everyone firing unprepared questions at me. Teacher was very impressed with the depth of my answers.) We're planning on acting it out and recording it.

Ma’ Brown Interview

Q. What was it like having a handicapped son in the 1950’s?
A. It was hard but we managed.                                                                                         
Q. Was it very sad that only 13 out of 22 of your children survived?
A. It was and we always had our own funerals, I will never forget them all 9 of them that died.
Q. Was your marriage with Paddy arranged?
A. I fell in love with him when I was young and I asked my father to approve of him and he did.
Q. Was it hard to raise a family with such a small amount of money?
A. It was, we had very small food portions but we got by.
Q. Did you like being a stay-at-home mum?
A. Not really I would have preferred a job so I could get some more money for food but I had to stay with Christy.
Q. After you got married did you ever see your parents?
A. I saw them at family weddings and funerals, but apart from special occasions no.
Q. Did you like living in the city or would you have preferred to have lived in the countryside?
A. I liked living in the city because there were more jobs available but if I lived in the country side I think I would have loved it.
Q. If Christy didn't see the tin in the fire do you think you could have kept the money a secret?
A. Maybe for a bit longer but they would have found out soon.
Q. How do you know that Christy’s voice sounded like hope?
A. I heard his voice every day but I hadn’t ever heard him speak like that before I knew he was going to be let down somehow.
Q. How did Paddy die?
A. I never found out how the post-mortem results never came back, it was very unexpected.

By Kate Brosnan, 5th class

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