Thursday, 26 March 2015


Augusts thoughts on starting school 

Recently we started reading a new novel  in the senior room. The novel is 'Wonder' by RJ Palacio. We were set a task to describe the feelings of the main character August about starting school. August has a deformed face  and has never been to school before even though he's eleven years old. This is my piece.

I’m starting school, I forget when, a few days or something. I’m nervous but I’m excited too. If there are a lot of normal people there I probably won’t last long, but if not, I’m bound to make friends, aren’t I? I mean it smells like a hospital so there is bound to be people with special needs. I always think people are jealous of people like me. The reason being we are special, different than all the rest. At least that’s what mum tells me. If there are “normal” people there I will not fit in at all. I mean Zach, Eamonn and Christopher and my “old” friends were normal but they were a once off I know it.       
They had their own problems but not on the outside but deep within their minds.  I am the exact opposite, my problems are on the outside but deep within my mind is like anyone else.  I just go to bed and turn my problems inside out, my perfect side on the outside but the bad on the inside. But I can’t hide my problems on the outside, and by people I have seen, it seems ridiculous but I think it is harder to hide problems on the inside than on the outside.  

By David King, 5th class

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