Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Poetry in the Senior Room

Last week we began our yearly Poetry Anthology. So far we have covered four poems...

  1. 'City Dweller' by our own Christy Brown
  2. 'One question from a bullet' by John Agard (Last year we did his poems 'Half Caste' & 'Rainbow. He's a Caribbean poet.)
  3. 'A  Child Victim' by Irish man Felix Halton 
  4. 'Popularity' by Irish poet Gabriel Fitzmaurice

Each of us had to write about what poetry means to us first...
This is my account...

A poem is more than feelings... it’s emotions, a hidden message and a theme. I can’t say I love “all” poems because there are many types of poetry, but I love poems that rhyme. Poetry can be about anything and everything, poems are like songs - they can be soft and sweet or loud and hateful.

By Chloe Cottrell 5th class

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